Fog is everywhere, all year long

Fog is unpredictable and can strike at any time. It can be particularly dangerous and uncomfortable.

AT WORK: wearing masks, goggles, helmets and in changing environments.

DURING SPORTS AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES: biking, cycling, winter sports, running, climbing, hiking, tennis, driving, etc.

75% of wearers want an anti-fog solution for their lenses.

(Source: 2010 worldwide AR Study, 7 countries, 1493 wearers.)


Top layer with fog repellence properties activated by Optifog Activator Cloth once a week or more frequently depending on needs..

Result : long-lasting fog free vision

Optifog benefits from Crizal latest innovations: glare reduction, dust repellence, scratch resistance, UV protection.

Result : clarity of vision and eye protection.